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Hello, hello!

I'm going to be making a small return onto dA. For now I'm just going to post artwork I do as I do it and sneak in some backlogged art onto here when I can. :)

Thanks for your support, I'm excited to see what everyone has been working on!
Hi! I am alive and well and back at drawing. I'll be going through my messages through these next few days and will do my best to keep up with incoming messages. 


First off I want to apologize for not responding comments, I've been lazy. -_- I'll reply in May. Why in May? That's because...

I will be taking an internet hiatus from April 1st to May 1st!

The reason I'm doing this is because I feel like the internet is too much of a distraction and I have not found a suitable way to be more disciplined on my bad habit. I create very little to no art because of it and that depresses me (in a very, very all-I-want-to-do-is-mope-and-lay-in-bed-for-a-week literal way). Plus, with the return of my tendinitis on the horizon, I need to be more active and away from the computer.

I'll return with bundles of art, I swear it! ^_^

Ta-ta for now,

Hello friends!

I've been taking a little unexpected hiatus from both CGhub and deviantArt to sort some things out mentally.

Anyways, my good friend janaschi just uploaded a portrait she painted of me last year and now I'm getting an influx of watchers from her. Thanks Jana!

If you guys haven't already seen the portrait, I recommend taking a look!

I'll upload some art soon, I promise! I'm on a bit of a fanart kick lately... Especially one that involves Neopets, so I hope you don't mind that.

Thanks for your time!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share my thoughts about my little flower trolls. I've been thinking a lot about their purpose and their name, especially because I would love to eventually draw different fantasy creatures and monsters. Plus with some input from friends, I've come to a really big decision!

No longer will they be called trolls, I'll now on refer to them as sprites!

Even though calling them trolls is cute and catchy, my peers have agreed that they are far too pretty to be called trolls. Plus I already have an idea of what trolls will look like, along with fairies!

I also attended an artists' workshop called Workshop SF this past weekend. Unfortunately I did not have a portfolio prepared, but my sketchbook was passed around. It was really awesome to hear everyone's thoughts on my sprites, even a friend wanted to get a tattoo of one, ah! What started off as a little fun has turned my art career around, and I never realized how much people respond to my art when I'm just relaxing and having fun. I'm blessed to have gone and to gain a million ideas of what to do with these little critters!

I still have a couple illustration ideas I want to do, keep an eye out for them!

In the meantime, I hope you are doing well. Til next time!


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Finally went through with my name change... Just my full name since everything else I wanted to use is taken, crai. I also got myself a twitter too, mostly just going to tweet when I blog and images I finish, along with awesome streams by my fellow artists. Check it out and follow me!

No new work here in the gallery, but I'm doing daily updates on both my Tumblr and my CGHub sketchbook, check it out!

Tumblr -
CGHub sketchbook -…

Take care, reader!

Hello! I apologize for the silence on here  - it's not intentional!

My wrist and shoulder have been feeling much better, but my attitude and ego have not. It's been a stressful couple of months and these past few weeks have been extra taxing on me due to working so much at my day job (which always makes my hand and shoulders hurt, then makes me mega frustrated and depressed). I'm happy to report that I put in my two weeks notice on Monday and by the end of the month I will be unemployed - but free from the world of retail!
The plan is this: The same week I work my last day at my job is the same week I'll be going out of town to the countryside of Ohio, and I plan on just leaving my laptop at home to get a breather from all my external stresses here and truly relax. When I come back, I want to whip myself and my work into shape. I have a schedule set up where I'll study three hours in the morning and then do four hours of portfolio work. The idea is to have some images to show off at Workshop SF 2012 and hopefully get some pointers on getting some freelance jobs. What happens after the workshop, I haven't a clue, but I just want to keep it like that and adjust when the time comes.

I welcome any cheers of support and some slaps on the wrist if I stray too far from my goals! Please leave your honest thoughts and any critiques on my work, I would really appreciate that. I will do my best to return the favor!

Otherwise, can someone tell me how to change my name on here? I'd like to do that, aah. >_<

Thanks for reading!
Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that there's going to be a major slowdown in art production for me because I've been getting a lot of pains in my wrist and thumb. I'm going to do my best to limit my time on art and maybe even the computer. I won't be able to get to see a doctor until the end of the month when it's not as busy having company over and having to rest my wrist for my day job (I use my hands a lot).  

It's so frustrating to have this pain while I'm really passionate about art again. My boyfriend was able to comfort me by saying it'll give me a chance to re-evaluate what I want to do with art and what to include in a portfolio. I've decided to start gearing towards a studio job, which seems like an unlikely goal right now, but I'm honestly sick of being treated inhumanely at my day job. I love art and making art, and even when I'm at work all I can think about is being home and making art.

I apologize to those waiting for art on my behalf. ;__;
Hi guys! I'm feeling mighty artsy since the workshop, so I figure this will be a good way to keep my art flowing...

First off! Kiribans!
Whomever can get a screen shot of my 11,111th pageview (or the closest to 11,111) will receive a free drawing from me! Color, sketch, whatever you want, I'll draw! WON BY :iconskyelark:!
Also, whoever is my 100th follower at my tumblr will also get a free picture as well! I'm at about 80 followers, so it's getting pretty close. Here's my tumblr -

I'm also going to start taking art trades! I think it's a fun idea. I'll only take a couple before the holiday and will take on more afterwards. My walls are pretty bare at my home, so I need pretty art to fill them up! Also, this applies to other artists who work outside of the 2D medium - if you work with jewelery, clay, whatever - I'll happily exchange some of my paintings for 3D art. :)
Just comment or note me if you're interested and we can work out the details!

FULL FOR NOW! I'll post when I'm open for them again.

Otherwise, anyone know of any good secret santa exchanges? I haven't been in one, and I think it would be fun!

Have a great day and thanks for reading! :heart:
Hard to believe that just one week ago, I arrived to San Francisco to attend the Workshop SF put on by Massive Black.

You can read the full entry here:…
Something, something, be more active here, something.
Pageviews, woo!

More art to come!

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Well, very recently I have moved to the wonderful state of California, moving in with my boyfriend who's an established concept artist and well, lately, I've been thinking more and more about my art. Presentation, subject matter, style, field, everything. It's sickening sometimes and other times, I'm joyful to have such a change in my environment that makes me see these changes I'd like to be made.

I haven't visited deviantart in about a month, and didn't even think about visiting until I ran out of websites to stalk in my daily dosage of internet. I've just become sickened by the whole website, the front page makes me cringe (literally) and even going through my watch, I question why I follow some people.

Couldn't sleep this morning, so I got up and sorted through my devwatch, removing quite a lot of artists I feel like I was following to see how to become 'popular' or some bs like that. Kept my friends and inspiring artists around so I can come here to be inspired when I need it.
But as for comments and the like, I can't say if I'll have the time to spill what's really on my mind.

But as for posting my art here, I'm on edge. I've really outgrown my 'iamstace' name. Yes, of course I am Stace ... But the pen name Doomful is much more suiting and flexible to work with. I already own the account name, so if I make the move, I'll let you know.
I'll post up my blog and tumblr so anyone interested in seeing my art can continue to do so. They're a bit messy right now, as I haven't had the interest to modify the layouts -
Blogspot -
Tumblr -
And Flickr! For those who don't know I sometimes dip into photography -

I'm mostly thinking about joining cghub, but I have a lot of thinking to do if I'm wanting to go pro with my art.

Otherwise, I have some paid commissions that I've been working on, and been doing some sketching. After the commissions are done, I really just want to buckle down and create. For me. Not for school. Not for anyone else. But just for myself. I haven't done that in a long while.

Keep in touch. :)
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deviantART has talking ads now.


... when actions do speak louder than words.
... when the ignorance is lifted and the desires are revealed.
... when going to school for a passion makes the passion less exciting.
... when love just pops up out of the most unexpected but obvious of places.
... when its time to jump out of a comfort zone and leap into complete darkness.
... when time is money, and money is everything, but it doesn't have to be that way.

20 years old.
Tired of school.
Tired of Arizona.
Tired of parents.
Just want to create.
Just want to watch movies.
Just want to follow my heart.

I've never been more terrified in my life, and I find it absolutely thrilling.
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School is definitely absorbing my time and art. I'm sure any full-time art student would say the same ... But I still lurk dA to look at art from time to time. :3

I went to Saboten-Con (local anime/art/cosplay/whatever convention) the past weekend, in which I took advantage of talking to the different artists and sitting in panels to learn more about the field I might go into.
One of the artists I gained a lot of insight from was Daniel M. Davis from Steam Crow who does the daily webcomic Monster Commute. So definitely check out his designs! :)

I think the biggest lesson I learned is to take one task as a time. So the priority of my art will be directed to school until I'm out this December. By then, I will have my new Intuos4 tablet and some outlines for my graphic novels. And also the age of 20!

Cheers to you all!
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Good grief! I go out of town for a week and a half, and this is what I come home to:
420 Deviations, 167 Messages
I need a day to go through all that. I need to see purdy artsies.

My dA gallery depresses me because I haven't uploaded anything new or decent in a while. Gaah.

Ohwow! It's June. Happy belated birthday, :iconmonokin:!

Been out of college for a month now, just nice to lay around on the internet or watch movies instead of creating. I even organized my art supplies too so I could make more art, but all the art I need to do is for ... other people. And so I'll continue to do sketches for myself, yay. But I should do art that'll get me money.</small>

Hurm, I'm bored of this journal entry, so I'm gonna clean mayperhaps.

Your friend who needs people to torture her to draw more,
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hey dA. wassup.

well, school ends this week, and I'm enthralled. I missed a lot of school and slacked off as usual but I came out strong, as usual (minus math but that's just math ...)! a month of no school, seems nice, no? minus the fact that I have a gift list for the holidays that does not stop growing and some other side projects I need to work on. erm, so I don't know what's better ... hahah. kidding, I'd take doing art
but I really would like 2009 to be here, giving me a legit reason to actually start with a clean slate. nothing wrong with 2008, just I know I can make 2009 a lot better.

my boy troubles act up every once in a while, but honestly, I have many other things to attend to than ~*omg does he lyk me lawl y cant i get a boifwiend lawllawllawl*~ ... yes. that is exactly how I think in my head ... or heart ... or whatever.

I ... don't like getting too ranty on here. or anywhere for that fact, ack. especially because I should be studying for my art history exam, mergh. hahah.

so I guess I'll just leave it at that.

your somewhat bored but needs to study friend,
1) Start your music player in randomize mode.
2) Get anything that will let you write the song titles down.
3) Randomize 14 songs, writing the titles down for all of them.
4) Then, you create 14 different deviations, each somehow relating to one of the songs.
5) Post the list somewhere public and keep it updated as you go.
6) When you finish, tell =vilhelmina about it, and she'll add you to her list.
7) Spread the joy! Tell your friends, tag people - things like that.

Song List

1) Genesis - VNV Nation
2) Violet - The Birthday Massacre
3) Up To The Roof - Blue Man Group
4) Euphoric Eyes - 4Strings
5) Split Second - Edge of Dawn
6) Battle of One - 30 Seconds To Mars
7) Madman's Dream - Assemblage 23
8) Stupid MF - Mindless Self Indulgence
9) Hold My Hand - UNKLE
10) After Hours - We Are Scientists
11) A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode
12) Happy Man - Covenant
13) Intruder Alert - Combichrist
14) Together We Will Live Forever - Clint Mansell
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there's been rumors going around that at Saboten Con 08, I was Miss Neoshadow Heartless walking around.

true or false?


I'm not confirming its actually me.
I'm pretty sure I know who she really is.
I enjoy stalking her.



my dA is all messy cause I keep watching stock accounts. XD I really need to clean it up cause all the good stuff I like to look at is buried by stock, acccck.
aaaand I'm drawing more. whee.

the end for now.
mmm frosting.